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Stylish & functional – MANNA accessories for your HTC One M8!

The MANNA UltraSlim HTC One M8 Stand Case impresses with excellent, dedicated workmanship and an elegant, clever design. The case is black with coloured, hand-stitched seams that serve as a discreet eye-catcher.

A special ultramodern manufacturing technique helps us to achieve our case's perfect shape and soft edges. In an electronically monitored molding process the raw materials are melted and shaped under high pressure and temperature. The case receives elasticity and will not loose its form over a long period of time. The innovative design allows you to prop up your HTC, e.g. on a table, so that you can keep an eye on your homescreen or watch videos.

Of course, the MANNA protective cover has all necessary cut-outs for camera, charging and headset connectors as well as all control elements. A particularly soft micro fleece inner padding ensures extra carrying protection.

All in all, the MANNA case is the ideal M8 accessory, so pamper your HTC One M8 with a MANNA case!

Product Advantages:
• Elegant, classic design (black)
• Premium genuine leather
• 2 in 1: desk stand / holder and perfect protection during transport
• Soft edges and a perfect fit for secure hold
• Extra carrying protection thanks to premium case clasp
• Extra transport protection of display thanks to soft Microfibre inner padding
• AutoSleep – phone is turned into standby mode when case is closed
• All necessary cut-outs, e.g. for camera

• HTC One M8

Technical Details:
• Material: premium, genuine Nappa leather

Package Content:
• MANNA UltraSlim HTC One M8 Case (genuine leather, black, shiny finish)

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