What's KanaaN and how does it work?

What is KanaaN?

KanaaN is a trademark of LEICKE which mainly offers multimedia and home cinema accessories. We carry a massive range of problem solving solutions for you. This includes high-quality converters/adapters, such as, e.g., KN40539, a converter from HDMI to VGA or KN39772, a cable that connects computers with Mini DisplayPort to HDMI monitors. We have specialized on modern standards, especially DisplayPort and HDMI. In addition, premium cables in various lengths and designs are available to connect your devices to one another. For owners of smartphones and tablets, we offer KanaaN data and charging cables various for brands and models, for example, Apple or Samsung (e.g. KN40533). Moreover, our product range includes connection kits with which you can download photos from your camera or SD card to your iPad (e.g. KN40535).

Our product's most important feature is quality. Where possible, all convertes come in a solid metal housing. Our cables have strain reliefs. The plugs are premium quality and where required have gold plated contacts. We use highly purified copper to meet the demands of modern signal electronics with respect to bandwidth and impulse response.

What is HDMI?

HDMI is an abbreviation for "High Definition Multimedia Interface", and is in use since around 2003. HDMI is a type of digital connection that's capable of transmitting high-definition video and high-resolution audio over a single cable. As the transmission is basically digital, converters have to be used for the application with analogue terminal devices, for example to connect a VGA monitor to a device with HDMI output. Our KN40537 converter converts a HDMI signal to a VGA signal and is therefore ideal if you want to watch Blu-ray films on your old PC monitor.

KanaaN also offers analog to digital converter such as KN40513 so you can connect your old video recorder to your digital TV, even if the latter does not have the reqired Scart / Composite input. Some of our converters come with an an additional audio input (3.5 mm jack). With these models, the incoming audio signal is integrated into the HDMI stream so that a simultaneous playback of picture and sound on your display device is possible.

Please note that the information sent via HDMI (HDCP) is encrypted and will be decrypted at the terminal device. This is to counteract unauthorized pirated copies. Our Digital to Analogue Converter will, of course, also convert encrypted signals.

What is a Mini Displayport?

The Mini DisplayPort is a miniaturised version of the standard DisplayPort, which has been developed and popularised by the manufacturer Apple. Apple now applies it in the modern devices of the Mac / Macbook Pro / Mac mini / Mac Pro series. These almost always have one or more Mini DisplayPort connectors as through the Mini Displayport interface not only video data can be transmitted, but it also enables the connection of peripherals with high bandwidth such as external hard drives and more. Meanwhile, the port is also used in new PC notebooks from various manufacturers such as Microsoft, Lenovo, Toshiba, or HP.

To connect monitors to a computer with Mini DisplayPort, an adapter is usually needed because most monitors do not have a Mini DisplayPort input. KanaaN offers you various suitable cables. KN39772, for example, allows you to connect a monitor with HDMI input to a MacBook Pro. Our product range is diverse and offers various solutions. Browse our Amazon or web shop and find what you need!

What is MHL?

MHL stands for Mobile High-Definition Link. It is a mobile audio/video interface that allows you to connect your MHL-enabled smartphones and tablets to HDTVs and HD displays. MHL allows smartphones like the Galaxy S3 to be connected to a HDMI monitor, which is fantastic to show presentations etc. Since the MHL interface does not conform to a physical standard, we strongly recommended to check carefully whether your smartphone is listed in the compatibility list before ordering. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with the 11-pin USB-To-Go variant of MHL whereas many other phones use the 5-pin Micro USB connector.

What is a Connection Kit?

A connection kit is designed to enhance the skills and capabilities of your tablet. For the Apple iPad line we offer products such as KN40535 that allows you to use an ordinary Micro USB charging cable for your Apple device with Lightning port. Another example is KN39404, which allows your Samsung Galaxy Tab to read memory cards. Our connection kits offer all sorts of solutions and functions. We have got card readers as well as an USB hub that turns your tablet into a notebook and allows you to use a mouse, keyboard, and USB flash drive with your tablet.

How to use a Mini DisplayPort adapter on a MacBook

Connecting your Macbook Pro to a display or monitor is easy. Just connect the Mini DisplayPort adapter to your monitor via HDMI, DVI or VGA. Then plug the Mini DisplayPort connector of it into the corresponding socket on your Macbook. Usually, the monitor will be detected automatically and the resolution adjusted accordingly. If you experience any problems such as blurred images, please try to reduce the resolution. For further information on which resolutions your projector/monitor suppports, please check the user manual.

Does my Macbook Pro support audio via HDMI?

All models launched after April 2010 (from 8th Generation) support audio over HDMI. Basically, KanaaN adapter cables transmit the audio signal if the MacBook supports the transmission of audio. Older models cannot transmit audio signals through HDMI.

How to use a Composite Video to HDMI Converter

Please switch off your devices first to prevent voltage peaks before you connect the HDMI plug and the input. Once that's done, you can switch on the signal source, e.g., a video recorder. Next switch on your HDMI monitor or TV and select the corresponding channel. Now the image signal transmitted through composite should be visible. In case of quality problems, please check all cable connections. For the transmission of audio signals through the same HDMI cable, just connect the output of the source to the RCQ input jacks on the converter. If the correct channel is selected on the playback device, the audio signal input will be played. The approach for other standard converters is similar. Basically, turn off the devices, connect them to each other, turn on devices and select the correct channel.

Can I connect two monitors to one KanaaN HDMI splitter?

Basically, yes. However, you should be aware of the fact that the splitter will automatically use the lower resolution for compatibility reasons if both monitors have different resolutions. It is recommended to use monitors with the same resolution as high resolution devices tend to cause scaling effects.