External batteries - An aid to decision making

Which LEICKE Portable Power Station/external battery is best for my device?

Modern smartphones and tablets have a large amount of computing power, which in turn unfortunately cosumes a lot of power. A too "small" external battery might not have enough capacity to recharge your phone or tablet sufficiently.

By rule of thumb, the external battery should provide 1.3 times to 1.5 times the capacity of your device. Despite the very efficient charging circuit charging energy is lost in the form of heat, which then cannot be used for charging.

My smartphone or tablet only charges a little/takes a long time to charge?

Set your device to standby mode while it is charging. Especially, tablets like the iPad 3 or the Google Nexus 11 need significantly more power when they are switched on than in standby mode. In the latter case, the portable power station does not only supply power to the battery of your device while charging, but also provides power to the CPU and display. Particularly applications with high power requirements or watching HD videos increase the charging time and reduce the quality of charging. Some devices consume so much power that, when they are used during a full charge, the external battery and the internal battery of your device will actually be discharged.

Are the LEICKE Portable Power Stations safe?

The lithium ion batteries we use have been carefully selected and comply to current safety standards. An intelligent charging technology constantly monitors the condition of the battery and automatically switches it off as soon as it leaves the allowable range. This applies to over and under charging as well as temperature.

Why should I opt for a LEICKE Portable Power Station?

Our external battery packs are great When you're on the go and need a little extra power for your devices, may it be a dying phone, or a weary camera. They are just an excellent travel accessory and will help you stay charged during commutes, travels or in emergencies. We constantly monitor the production process and guarantee a reliable and safe product. Depending on the model, the Portable Power Stations provide additional features, such as a flashlight function, a charging indicator or connectors for a higher charge current, such as the iPad 3/4 require. In addition, our LEICKE Portable Power Stations come with a set of adapters that allow you to connect them to almost any device.