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LEICKE GmbH domiciled in Leipzig, Germany, was founded by PSU and IT specialists of the University of Leipzig in 2008. We design and develop unique and harmonious products that one simply has to like. They are supposed to be fun and should contribute to a stress-free and contented lifestyle. Our product portfolio includes, among other things, LEICKE ULL power supplies, Sharon keyboards, KanaaN converters, Hebron docking stations and Manna leather accessories. Furthermore, we constantly expand our range and frequently present new developed products, may it be hardware or software. Look forward to future offers and services!
We maintain high quality standards during development and production - to convince you of our LEICKE products! Since 2011 each and every LEICKE product comes with a serial number. This means every product is unique. Using the serial number we know if your product is a genuine LEICKE product and have fast access to all relevant data, such as the production plant, the final quality inspector, the manufacturing process, the material etc. We carefully check every step during the production process, so that you get a quality product in the end. More than half a million customers in over 30 countries inspire us to expand our activities and to continually improve our service and our products.
Another focus at LEICKE is on friendly and personal customer support. Since 2012 we offer native customer support in more than 8 languages. We know that only satisfied customers will stand by our company and brand in the future. Half of our international customer support team is German. The other half comes from Italy, Spain, Africa, the UKraine, Romania, Japan and China. Hence, we ensure that our customers feel understood and all of their inquiries and country specific needs are addressed individually. Our regular customers include leading manufacturers in the automotive industry in Germany and German airlines

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"The Whole World Smiles" - We are happy when all are happy!

LEICKE is not only a brand, but also a philosophy: In analogy to the fresh colour of our LEICKE logo, our ideas are spirited and refreshingly innovative. We implement creative ideas and thereby try to meet our customers' needs as well as to make life easier with our solutions. We want to bring safety, satisfaction and fun!

We have a very positive attitude, which is reflected in our brand/sub-brands' names. One should simply like LEICKE. Manna is for artistic work. Sharon creates harmony. Hebron brings freedom and with KanaaN nothing is impossible.

LEICKE conveys reliability, honesty, efficiency, warmth and creativity. This creates happiness for all!

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