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Premium 12 V Power Supply for various applications, including power cord.

Technical Details:
• LEICKE Power Adapter 60 W for NAS systems, wireless routers, LCD TVs, external hard drives, LED lighting, LCD displays as well as computer systems with Pico PSU, embedded systems and DIY projects
• Input: 100-240 V~ 50-60 Hz
• Output: 12 V / 5 A
• Plug dimensions: 5.5 x 2.5 mm

Special features and advantages of the LEICKE Eco Power Supply range:
• Safe up to 90 Euro per year with, for instance, a 90 W LEICKE Eco Power Supply
• With the LEICKE Eco Power Supply, the efficiency will sustainably be increased to such an extent, that the end-user can expect an enhanced use of capacity at a reduced power consumption.
• Reduction of the average consumption at zero load to below 0.5 W by new technology.
• Environmentally conscious packaging with the LEICKE Eco Packaging Principle (Frustration Free Packaging)
• Extra light LEICKE design
• Does not contain heavy metals or other harmful substances and conforms to EU standard RoHS.

Differences between conventional power supplies from other manufacturers and no-name producers and LEICKE Power Supplies:
Ultra Long Life Technology (ULL): LEICKE ULL Power Supplies are equipped with Ultra Long Life Technology (ULL) which considerably increases their service life.
SolidPower II Technology (SP2): LEICKE ULL Power Supplies are equipped with SolidPower II Technology (SP2). Even with changes in voltage between 100 V and 240 V, SolidPower Technology guarantees a constant output voltage.

Package Content:
• LEICKE Eco Power Supply 60 W, including power cord


Acer LCD Monitor
Acer AC501, Acer AC711, Acer AC915, Acer AF705, Acer AL506, Acer AL511, Acer AL512, Acer AL532, Acer AL712, Acer AL713, Acer AL715, Acer AL716, Acer AL722, Acer AL732, Acer AL922

AG Neovo LCD Monitor
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BenQ LCD Monitor
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ADI LCD Monitor
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Action LCD Monitor

All kinds of monitors

AOC LCD Monitor
LM520 LM720 LM729 LM800 LM914

Batesias LCD Monitor

LCDs with a power rate at 12v, 5A, 60 watt or below

CTX LCD Monitor
P922E PV500BT PV505B PV520 PV5500B PV700 PV700B PV720 PV720A PV7201 PV722E PV722I PV740MDV PV910MD PV910MDB S500

Envision LCD Monitor

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