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Be well equipped in your everyday life with the clever products of the brand new LEICKE Smart Life series. One of these is this Sharon Bluetooth Smart Scale. It is a easy-to-use bathroom scale, but its Bluetooth connectivity and the extra functions support you in reaching your goal and help to control your weight.

The body analysis scale comes with a practical, sturdy and modern design. Made of 6 mm tempered glass, it will blend in perfectly in any bathroom. Thanks to the generous display and the large digits you can clearly read the information on the display while you are standing upright.

Besides your weight, this allrounder also determines the percentage of body fat, bones, muscles and water in your body. The BMI calculator enables you to easily classify your weight in relation to your size and it indicates any change
in weight precisely.

The allrounder determined and weight with body fat, bone, muscle and water content. In addition, the BMI calculation allows easy classification of body weight in relation to body size and displays the exact weight change. The BMI (Body Mass Index) is calculated from inputted height and measured weight. The BMI is is a useful tool to estimate a healthy body weight based on your height. The measurement of body fat and muscle mass and its distribution will provide additional information on this value and your weight.

Product Advantages:

- Measurement of weight, body fat, percentage of muscle, bone mass and water as well as BMI (Body Mass Index) data
- Saves a personal account and recognizes up to 8 different users
- Supports you in reaching your goal and helps to control your weight
- Graphical representation of weight changes
- Bluetooth 4.0 connection with iPhone and iPad
- Automatic data transfer to MEDM App for iOS (7.0+), Android (from 4.3) and Microsoft (Win 10). All data is always available via the app and the browser of your computer.
- Attractive, modern design with a 6 mm tempered glass platform
- PLEASE NOTE: In order to be able to connect the device, GPS must be activated in the phone. Then you have to confirm the access to GPS in the App (pop-up window).

Package Content:

- Sharon Bluetooth Smart body analysis scale, three AAA batteries (each 1.5V), user manual

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