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The new Sharon protective case with integrated Bluetooth keyboard by LEICKE is the perfect, portable accessory for your Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inch!

The keyboard with QWERTY layout connects wirelessly to your tablet via Bluetooth. Additional function keys facilitate the operation of your Apple iPad Pro with iOS. Besides keys for controlling brightness and volume, the keyboard has shortcut keys for major applications. High-quality keyboard mechanisms allow for a pleasant and fatigue-free typing experience. The quality PU protective case protects your tablet from bumps and mechanical damage. In addition, the case has an integrated stand function.

With the Sharon keyboard case, you get a great keyboard for blogging, writing longer texts and e-mails, or office work. With up to 80 hours of continuous use the keyboard has a long battery life.

Product Advantages:

- Thin & elegant, yet robust protective case in black
- Material of case: PU
- Stand function
- Integrated Bluetooth keyboard
- High-quality keyboard mechanism for relaxed, fatigue-free typing
- Battery life: up to 90 hours of continuous use
- Auto standby after 10 minutes, up to 90 days standby


- Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inch

Package content:

- Sharon protective case + Bluetooth keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9 inch

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SI54282_DoC_leicke Leicke DoC for SI54282 DoC
SI54282_Manual_EN_universal_ios Manual SI Universal EN EN Manual
SI54282_EN Special Keys and Functions EN EN
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