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The new Sharon protective case with detachable keyboard with multitouch touchpad by LEICKE opens entirely new ways of using your tablet! We are the first to offer a large and absolutely user-friendly multitouch touchpad integrated into a keyboard for tablets.

Apart from the use as mouse, the new touchpad allows for functions such as zooming and scrolling as well as Page Up and Page Down. Especially when browsing the internet or while doing office work, the touchpad improves the workflow significantly. The Sharon case & keyboard converts your tablet into a full-fledged laptop replacement. With up to 45 hours of continuous use the keyboard has a long battery life.

The keyboard connects wirelessly to your tablet via Bluetooth and can be used inside the case or separatly. Additional function keys facilitate the operation of your Samsung device with Android operating system. Besides keys for controlling brightness and volume, the keyboard has shortcut keys for major applications. High-quality keyboard mechanisms guarantee a pleasant and fatigue-free typing experience even of longer texts.

Multitouch functions:

• Mouse click: Just briefly tap with a finger on the touchpad. The action is interpreted as clicking the left mouse button.
• Right click: Short double-tap with two fingers simultaneously on the touchpad. The action corresponds to a click with the right mouse button.
• Move: Short tap twice with one finger on the touchpad. If you leave your finger on the touchpad after the second click, you can, e.g., move app icons.
• Return: Tap with three fingers Simultaneously on the touchpad. This corresponds to a click with the middle mouse button (scroll wheel). Your tablet then opens the appointed home page.
• Scroll: Brush up or down with two fingers simultaneously on the touchpad, e.g. to scroll through web content or to move a page of text.
• Zoom: Place two fingers (ideally thumb and index finger) on the touchpad and then spread or draw them together. On some tablets this only works for images and web content, but not in Google Maps.
• Page up / down: Move three fingers simultaneously to the left or right on the touchpad to turn the page (corresponds to Page Up and Page Down).

Product Advantages:

• Elegant protective case (black/red) with stand function
• Bluetooth keyboard with integrated multi-gesture touchpad
• Keyboard can be used separately without the case
• Large keys with well defined pressure points for fatigue-free typing
• Battery life: up to 45 hours of continuous use
• Auto standby after 10 minutes, up to 60 days standby
• Special keys for controlling brightness, volume and other applications


• Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 SM-T550 SM-T555

Package Content:

• Sharon protective case + keyboard, USB charging cable

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To protect the environment and prevent unnecessary paper wastage, you can find all instructions/manuals ready for download. This way you also can be sure to get the latest version!

SI54266_DoC_leicke Leicke DoC for SI54266 DoC

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