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The protective cover with integrated Bluetooth keyboard by LEICKE opens up completely new possibilities for the use of your iPad Air 2! It's a perfect and stylish solution to carry your iPad safely with you when you are on the go that combines protection, stand function and keyboard.

The premium built-in keyboard connects wirelessly to your tablet via Bluetooth. Typing with the super thin keyboard is easy and comfortable thanks to high-quality key mechanics. Additional function keys facilitate the use of your Apple device with iOS. In addition to buttons for control of brightness and volume also shortcuts to the most important programmes/Apps are available. Prop up your iPad Air with the integrated stand function.

As a special feature of the cover, the back cover that holds the iPad can be removed and used separately. The back cover is magnetically attached to the case and if you do not need the keyboard, just take out the iPad whose back side is still protected.

The Sharon keyboard cover with removable hard cover is a flexible 3 in 1 notebook replacement excellent for blogging, answering e-mails, writing longer texts, office work, or simply for extensive surfing.

Product Advantages:

- 3 in 1: iPad Air 2 keyboard, holder/ stand and protection during transport
- Ultrathin design: the compact keyboard and slim cover form as beautiful, sleek product
- Magnetic tablet back cover can be used separately
- High-quality keyboard mechanisms for effortless typing
- Keyboard standby mode after 15 minutes
- Easy installation


- iPad Air 2/ iPad 6

Technical Details:

- Bluetooth 3.0
- Rechargeable Lithium battery
- Charging time: approx. 5 h
- Uninterrupted working time: 55 h
- Standby time: 60 days
- Keyboard layout: QWERTY (English)

Package Content:

- iPad Air 2 keyboard cover (QWERTY)
- USB charging cable

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To protect the environment and prevent unnecessary paper wastage, you can find all instructions/manuals ready for download. This way you also can be sure to get the latest version!

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