LEICKE Activity Tracker FAQ

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Sharon Activity Tracker with heart rate measurement

On this page, you will find the link to the LEICKE SmartLife app for using the Sharon Activity Tracker with your smart device as well as further information about the app and frequently asked questions.

What can the app do in conjunction with the tracker?

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

My Sharon activity tracker with heart rate measurement is not found in the list of Bluetooth devices.

Please make sure that

a) Bluetooth on the smartphone is switched on. b) the battery of the tracker is charged. c) the tracker is not connected to another smartphone.

The data in the LEICKE SmartLife app is not updated.

For a successful data exchange between the activity tracker and the SmartLife app, both devices must be connected via Bluetooth within the app and the battery of the tracker must be charged. Make sure this is the case.

Can I import data from Apple Health or Google Fit into the LEICKE SmartLife app?

No. A data exchange is currently only possible from the SmartLife app to the used fitness app. Data that can be transmitted currently includes steps, active calorie consumption, distance (walking), heart rate, and sleep.

My data is not displayed in Apple Health or Google Fit.

Make sure that your fitness app has been given all read and write rights. If you did not confirm something with the one-time query, you can do this at any time within the fitness app. The fitness apps represent data from different devices. Make sure you have selected SmartLife as your data source. The synchronization of the data from the activity tracker into the fitness app used takes place exclusively via the SmartLife app. To submit data, start the SmartLife app and wait for all data to be received in the SmartLife app. Now the data is also available in the fitness app.

The number of steps seems implausible to me.

Please note that the Sharon Activity Tracker does not use GPS. Steps are only determined from motion data. Activities, where the tracker is moved unnaturally often compared to running movements, will inevitably be counted as steps.

The values ​​for the active calorie consumption do not seem to be correct.

The calorie consumption is determined by means of the movement data on the basis of the entered body values ​​(size and weight). Please ensure that these data are entered correctly.

The active caloric consumption, the calculated sleep data and the rest pulse are calculated, not measured values. For different reasons, smaller deviations may occur compared to actual, measured values.