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With our Sharon protective case you will not do without your iPad Air! Our case offers you an integrated keyboard with Bluetooth and the following features:

Display protection: When folded up, the cover protects your display from impacts during transport. To ensure extra stability, the cover's back is made of varnished aluminium.

Stand: Prop up your iPad with the integrated stand for ergonomic working or to simply watch movies. Placed on your desk, it helps you to keep an eye on incoming messages or mails.

Detachable keyboard: In case you do not need the keyboard, just separate it from the cover and the iPad. The magnets in the folding mechanism hold the cover and the keyboard securely together. The protective case protects the back of your iPad from scratches and damages.

Product Advantages:
• 3 in 1: iPad 5/Air keyboard, holder and transport protection
• Bluetooth 3.0
• English layout
• Keyboard auto sleep after 15 minutes
• Functional design
• Easy installation
• Cover and keyboard separable

Technical Details:
• Bluetooth 3.0
• Lithium battery
• Charging time: ca 5 h
• Uninterrupted work time: 55 h
• Standby time: 60 days
• Keyboard layout: QWERTY (English)
• Compatible with iPad Air, iPad 5

Package Content:
• iPad 5/Air keyboard cover
• USB charging cable

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