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The LEICKE 6-port USB Universal Charger features 6 USB ports in one power supply. It can, for example, charge several tablets or smartphones simultaneously or supply projects such as a Raspberry Pi or Beagle Board with electricity. Full power strips and cable tangle on your desk are a thing of the past!

The power supply can deliver up to 36 W of power and is therefore suitable for charging power hungry tablets, mobile phones or even power packs. The fastest possible charge speed is 2.5 A per USB port.

The design as a desktop power supply with power cord saves you the use of long charging cables. Especially when only one wall socket is available and several devices, such as smartphone and digital camera, have to be charged, this LEICKE power supply offers a practical solution to the problem. Thanks to its handy size it fits into every bag while travelling. By means of a switch, the charger can simply be turned off when not in use.

Some of the USB ports have special electronics so that iOS and Android devices (especially Samsung) recharge very quickly.

Product Advantages:
• Six USB ports that can all be used simultaneously for charging
• Charge speed per port: 2.5 A
• 36 W power
• Input voltage: 100 V~240 V
• Weight: 215 g

Package Content:
• LEICKE USB Table Power Supply 36 W, power cord

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