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LEICKE power supplies of the ULL series are well suited as a second or replacement power supply for your notebook or laptop. Our proven technologies ULL (Ultra Long Life) and SP2 (SolidPower 2) guarantee a long living and energy efficient power supply that meets the requirements of an environmentally conscious user. Particularly noteworthy are the two integrated USB ports that allow you to charge smartphones and tablets directly at the power supply.

Product Advantages:
• 2 USB ports for charging tablets/smartphones
• Ultra Long Life Technology (ULL): LEICKE ULL power supplies have a long working life.
• SolidPower II Technology (SP2): Guarantees a constant output voltage for input voltages ranging from 110~240 V.
• Adapted to your notebook: Rules out damage from power surge or voltage reversal.
• Short circuit protection: In case of overload, the power supply switches itself off temporarily to avoid damage.
• Thermal protection: In case of overheating of the internal components, the power supply switches itself off.

Technichal Details:
• Output voltage / current: 19 V / 4.74 A
• Power: 90 W
• Input voltage: 110~240 V
• Plug dimensions: 5.5 x 2.5 mm
• USB output current: max. 2 A

Asus ADP-90SB BB X53K ADP-90FB M50V
Toshiba L300 PA3516E-1AC3 PA-1900-05 PA-1900-04
Liteon PA-190024 Delta
Lenovo N500 G530 G550
Targa Gericom Maxdata MSI

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