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The MANNA UltraSlim case by LEICKE for the Galaxy Tab S 8.4' impresses with premium materials, excellent, dedicated workmanship and an elegant, clever design. The cover is made of a premium faux leather that is strong and durable but at the same time feels luxurious to the touch.

Stand: The case works as as a stand and can be positioned in several different angles, either at a low angle to aid typing or to support the tablet at a steeper angle more suitable for photo slide shows / film viewing.

CleverStrap: To make your tablet even more versatile, our MANNA case comes with a truely clever feature: CleverStrap. Thanks to a hook and loop fastener strap and an addditional elastic band, you can mount your tablet almost whereever you want. Put it around a headrest in your car so that your children can watch a film on a long car ride. Wrap it around a tree in the park!

A special manufacturing technique for our high-quality faux leather helps us to achieve our case's perfect shape and secure corners. In addition, the premium catch and a particularly soft micro fleece inner padding ensure great protection during transport. The ultra-thin MANNA protective case fits the tablet snugly, whereby you can still benefit from its compact dimensions. Of course, the MANNA protective cover has all necessary cut-outs for camera, charging as well as all control elements.

All Product Advantages at Once Glance:

- Well thought-out, premium design: Stand & CleverStrap, hand-stitched seams
- Protected corners and a perfect fit for secure hold of tablet
- Micro-fleece lining for reliable protection against dust and scratches | cleans screen when closed
- All necessary cut-outs, e.g. for camera


- Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4' T-700 (WiFi) und T-705 (LTE)

Package Content:

- MANNA case (brown), premium packaging, great present
- No table

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