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The Manna UltraSlim Galaxy S4 impresses with excellent, dedicated workmanship and an elegant, clever design. The flip cover is made of a strong, durable PU composite material, which makes the outer skin extremely robust.

A special ultramodern manufacturing technique helps us to achieve our case's perfect shape and soft edges. In an electronically monitored molding process the raw materials are melted and shaped under high pressure and temperature. The case receives elasticity and will not loose its form over a long period of time. A particularly soft and solid inner padding ensures extra good carrying protection. The innovative design allows youto prop up your S4, e.g. on a table, for keeping an eye on your homescreen or watching videos.

Of course, the Manna protective cover has all necessary cut-outs for camera, charging and headset connectors as well as all control elements. Another clever feature is the window in the lid so that you can keep and eye on all important information. Applications such as media playback can be controlled with the lid closed.

All in all, the Manna case is the ideal S4 accessory. Pamper your Samsung Galaxy S4!

All Product Advantages at One Glance: - Innovative, patented design - Durable PU composite material - 2 in 1: protective case with stand function - Extra carrying comfort thanks to premium case clasp - Extra transport protection for display thanks to particularly strong and soft inner padding - All necessary cut-outs, e.g. for camera - Window, e.g. respond to calls and alarms without opening the cover - Soft edges and a perfect fit for secure hold


  • Samsung Galaxy S 4

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  • Manna UltraSlim Samsung Galaxy S4 Case with window (silver-grey)
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