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This KanaaN 1x2 4K splitter is particularly suitable for integrating computers and game consoles into 4K setups. The signal applied to the input is passed to the two outputs and can be, e.g., serve to supply several displays with the same image signal. HDCP-encoded material such as films can be played back in Full HD 1080p format.

Due to the professional design with metal housing and compatibility with current standards, the splitter is suitable for reliable, future-proof cabling. The low height of only 1.8 cm allows installation in spatially limited environments.

The power supply is provided by the supplied USB cable. This requires a free USB port on your TV or PC, or a USB wall power adapter.

Technical details:

• Supported resolutions (input): 2160p (UHD, 4K), 1080i/p (Full HD), 780i/p (HD)
• Compatible with HDMI 1.4b
• HDCP version 1.3
• The output signal is amplified up to 10 m for AWG26 cables, and up to 15 m for an AWG24 cables.
• EDID query within 4 seconds.
• Dimensions: 93 x 56 x 18 mm

Package content:

• 1x2 4K HDMI splitter
• USB power cable

Attention: Playback of 4K films with HDCP 2.0 or 2.2 encryption is possible only in Full HD due to current regulations.

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