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This converter connects a PC or notebook with VGA output to a monitor, LCD TV or plasma TV set with HDMI input up to Full HD, 1080p.

A special feature is the integrated audio input which also transmits an audio signal via HDMI, so that audio and video can be displayed simultaniously. In order to supply the high-quality analogue/digital converter with sufficient energy, a USB cable is included in the package which supplies the converter with power via a PC. The adapter is small and fits ideally in your notebook case. So it is quickly at hand, if the data projector in the presentation room is equipped with only HDMI inputs.

Technical Details:
• Max. resolution up to 1080p
• HDTV compatible
• VGA input: D-sub, 15-pin, gold-plated contacts
• Audio input: 3.5 mm jack connector, stereo
• HDMI output: type A, 19-pin socket, gold-plated

Supported Resolutions:
• 640x480/60 Hz
• 720x400/85 Hz
• 800x600/60 Hz
• 1024x768/60 Hz
• 1280x720/60 Hz
• 1280x768/60 Hz
• 1360x768/60 Hz
• 1600x1200/60 Hz
• 1920x1080/60 Hz

Spcial Features:
• Amplifies HDMI signal, up to 15 m cable length
• Compact and robust design

Package Content:
• VGA to HDMI Converter, USB power cord

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To protect the environment and prevent unnecessary paper wastage, you can find all instructions/manuals ready for download. This way you also can be sure to get the latest version!

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