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This Hebron connection kit for the Apple iPad and iPad2 enables you to transfer photos from your camera to an iPad directly from a SD or SDHC card or by using a USB cable. The connection of the kit is possible through the dock connector.

Moreover, it also enables you to use a USB keyboard with your iPad, which allows you to write your e-mails, SMS, MMS or notes much faster.

Technical Details:

  • Supports SD, SDHC and MMC cards
  • Please note:

1) Photos and videos must be located in the "DCIM" folder 2) Subfolders in "DCIM" cannot be read 3)Video support of MOV formats 4) Txt, pdf, excel and word files are not supported

From 1 October 2011, we are selling our new, 2nd generation Hebron Camera Connection Kit with enhanced RapidSpeed technology and new iOS 5 support. Also, the new product does no longer have a switch (to manually switch from USB to SD card reader) that many other kits still have, but does the job automatically. Thus, a potential source of error could be eliminated and an even better quality can be guaranteed.

General Information:

If the SD card is big, it takes a much longer time for the photos to show up and in the interim it appears that nothing is happening. The small SD card always works straight away, the big one mostly takes much longer. From a customer perspective, it appears that nothing is happening and/or the thing has frozen. This is not the case. Please be patient as the transfer of larger amounts of data takes more time. - Dimensions (W x H x D): 51 x 14 x 48mm - Formats: JPEG, RAW - Ports: USB (camera or keyboard), SD card - Package content: USB/SD card adapter to dock connector

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