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Experience films in fantastic 4K quality

This new, revised version of the LEICKE 4K splitter allows you to connect four devices such as a projector and a UHD TV to one source device, e.g. a UHD receiver, Blu-ray player or game console like PS4 or Xbox One.
The incoming HDMI signal is multiplied and transmitted to both outputs at the same time. Thus, the LEICKE 1x4 splitter is ideal for home theater installations, or if you want play films or the like in several rooms simultaneously.
The splitter comes with a professional, sophisticated design and is compatible with current standards, which makes the it a reliable, future-proof tech accessory.

Technical Details:

- Supported Resolutions (input): 2160p (UHD, 4K), 1080i/p (Full HD), 780i/p (HD), 576i/p (PAL), 480i/p (VGA, Wide VGA), output up to 60 Hz
- 3D support, colour depth max. 48Bit
- HDMI 1.4b with HDCP 1.3 - encoding, backwards compatible with older HDMI standards
- Audio formats: LPCM, DTS, DTS-HD, Dolby Digital, Dolby True HD, 2ch, 5.1ch, 7.1ch
- Power supply 5V 1A
- Maximum cable length: 15 m AWG26 (depending on cable quality)
- Compact aluminum housing, cable inputs at the rear
- Dimensions: 11 x 6.7 x 2.5 cm
- The highest possible resolution is equal to the lowest resolution in the setup!
- 4K-compatible up to HDCP version 2.0

Package Content:

- LEICKE 1x4 Splitter for UHD 4K
- 5V power supply with 1A | max. 100~240V input voltage

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