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Small, smaller, LEICKE Green Power Supply!

Our LEICKE Green UltraSlim Power Supply is ideal for business travellers and students who want a compact charger for their computer. The power adapter is a newly developed product innovation and comes with a very compact design as well as a very low weight. Especially when you have not got a lot of space in your bag, the power supply turns out to be particularly practical. An additional built-in USB charging port allows you to also charge devices such as tablet PCs and smartphones with a charging current of up to 2 A. This is significantly more than USB ports of computers normally allow.

Our proven ULL (Ultra Long Life) and SP2 (SolidPower 2) technologies guarantee a durable and energy efficient power supply that meets the requirements of environmentally conscious users.

Product Advantages:
• Unique compact design
• Additional USB port
• Waterdrop finish for better cooling
• ULL technology for durability
• High energy efficiency

Technical Details:
• Output voltage: 19 V
• Output current: 2.37 A
• Output voltage USB: 5 V
• Output current USB: 2 A
• Input voltage: 110~240 V, 1.2 A
• Weight: 140 g
• Plug dimensions: 4.0*1.35 mm

• ASUS UX21, UX31
• Please always check and compare your plug dimensions and voltage before ordering!

Package Content:
• LEICKE Green UltraSlim Power Supply for ASUS notebooks including cable and protective bag

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